Francesca Tileco

born 10. 7. 2013
father: Il Cagnolino Fernando x Angioletta Tileco : mother
Breeding, height 37 cm, full teeth, her advantage is beautifully thick blue coat
Weight 5.20 kg
Examination of patella luxation 0/0
Heart examination (echocardiographic examination of the heart with Doppler) Ok
Ophthalmological examination (Eyes test) - OK
Brief description of its nature:
Francesca is extremely calm female, as the only bark in the pack. She very loves human society and not only domestic. Whoever comes to visit us, only Francesca does not delay and immediately sits on the lap and tries to make her feel neglected. A lot of visitors leave with the feeling that they have to save her and are demanding adoption. ¨ We bought Francesca because of her beautiful name and also that she could run racing when many of her early siblings are running. Gradually, but we find that he loves rolling of any type, movement and walking does not have to. There are even moments when the pack is nervously standing at the front door before going for a walk and Francesca must look around the house, most of it is very well hidden and in this way boycots the senseless running around the outside. So that's Francesca, she's different than the others, she's different than we imagined. But she's amazing, and we know we'll keep her successor at home someday.


World Dog Show Helsinki 2014 / World Dog Show Helsinki - Excellent 2 / Res. Junior WORLD WINNER (16 IGs)
European Dog Show Brno 2014 / European Dog Show Brno - Excellent 2 Res. CAC (8 IGs)
Czech junior champion
International Beauty Champion / waiting for the last CACIB
Austrian Champion candidate / we are waiting for the last CAC in the next season
candidate of Polish beauty champion
Slovak beauty champion
Czech beauty champion
Champion of Italian Greyhound Breeders Club
Club show of Italian greyhound breeders club V1 CAC Best female BOB (50)
Club Winner - Greyhound Club Show Slovakia
VN1, Best in Show Baby (5months) - Special greyhound show Slovakia - the most beautiful puppy of all breeds
First testimonial: (Very young bitch, D off, D scissor bite, pretty ears, D skull proportions, nice topline-typical, nice color, V paws, D movement-elegant, first time on show)