MultiCh. InterCh. GrandCh. Koketa Feritte Bugsy

parents: father: Ileas ein Goldkind mother: InterCh. Dame Fortuna Bugsy
Born 24. 8. 2011
Breeding, height 38 cm, weight 5.20 kg, complete teeth
Examination of patella luxation 0/0
Heart examination (echocardiographic examination of the heart with Doppler) - Ok
Examination for eye defects - OK

Koketka is for us still the "dream" Italian greyhound miss, is very gentle in our pack excels in its tenderness and aristocratic behavior. She is rather submissive and she doesn´t have any problems in nature and she is very obedient.


World Dog Show Budapest 2013 - Excellent 3 (IGs 10)
International Beauty Champion C.I.B.
Champion of Italian Greyhound Breeders Club
Slovak grand beauty champion
Slovak beauty champion
Czech beauty champion
Czech junior champion
Austrian beauty champion
candidate of the Hungarian beauty champion
FCI Central European Junior Winner, Junior BOB 2012 Topolcianky SK - Central European Junior Winner 2012
TOP greyhound KCHICH 2013 - 1st place Best female
Club show KCHICH - V1 CAC Club winner (40 greyhounds)